We are a Martial Arts School and Self Defence system based upon many styles and arts which have been learned throughout the years by our Lead Instructor and other instructors that have joined MAD Systems. We provide a fun and Safe environment for students of all ages to develop and grow a set of skills that will hopefully foster a growing sense of respect, control, safety and build community.

We run programs for youth through to the elderly, and are developing programs for the Police forces, Emergency service personnel and Public Officers.  We also run seminars which can be hosted by themselves or as a compliment to an existing school.  For Seminar bookings and more information you can reach us here.

Below are the Principles we follow here at MAD Systems

a) Character – a ruffian has no place in MAD Systems let alone in society. Refinement in character is important. A student must be taught the moral values of everything. It is an obligation of the teacher of FMA and MAD Systems to mold the character of the student in such a way that his behavioral structure would be motivated by righteous desire. It is what a man is that counts not the number of trophies he has won. In spite of the abetted fallacies of values of the present world, it is who you are that will matter in the end.

b) Sincerity – sincerity for victory’s sake is not the all–consuming end of an FMA and MAD Systems student. It is the sincerity in him to his fellow man and to his art that makes him shine in the array of men. The will to win maybe inculcated, but such tutelage should never end after the tick of the ultimate second in the game but beyond the canvas and the arena of competition. The martial art of FMA and MAD Systems, it should be remembered, is a good medium of development man’s sense of dedication in all his everyday endeavour and involvement. Sincerity, is the mother of trust and trust makes an institution of what has been shattered by doubts. A man who is not sincere will never have a true friend.

c) Discipline – FMA and MAD Systems is a molder of discipline. Proper behaviour in the sport and in life itself will be the gauge of success. Personal discipline is important. The kaleidoscopic invitations and temptations of life should never undermine man in his obligation to his art, to himself and his fellow man. A student should learn to control himself in the pursuance of his goal, not only to his art but also to life in general.

d) Self-control
– losing one’s head means defeat. One should learn to control his temper if he hopes to achieve success in every endeavour. In FMA and MAD Systems, self-control is important for without it, life and the good health of another may be lost. The possession of an ability to kill or main a person should be handled with extreme caution and prudence. Man’s clear perception of things is anchored on his ability to control the outbursts of his inner self. Provocation is dishonorable but hasty reaction to it is just as dishonorable if not despicable.

e) Etiquette – etiquette is allied to the main cardinal rules in FMA and MAD Systems. One’s norm and standard should never be imposed upon others. One should learn how to respect others. Giving credence to the standard and ability of another person should or will best prepare anybody in any endeavour. The pacific waters of human understanding will stay unruffled if exercise of proper etiquette and respect whether it be in sporty competition or in life itself is observed.

f) Student’s loyalty – loyalty should be emphasized to the student, loyalty to the art, to a fellow player, and to his teacher. Ingratitude to one is ingratitude to the other. A student should be loyal to a fellow player because any disloyalty to him is disloyalty to the art itself. More important, a student should be loyal to his teacher. Everything one has learned is owned by him to his teacher. Personal whims should never cause one to be ungrateful to where he owes everything he knows. Even if the ultimate aim of the art is already achieved by a student that he can now manage on his own, he should never forget the teacher who labored for him. In the skirmishes of things, the student should be always loyal to him.

Life has shown us many treacheries committed in the name of greed and personal gratification. This has no place in the art of FMA and MAD Systems or in any aspect of life for that matter. A true sportsman is always loyal to his art and to the prime movers of the art. He sees with gratitude in everything and everybody from whom he had owed everything he knows. In this world of muck and mire only those who look back with gratitude shall succeed. Loyalty to the fundamental basis of his achievements weighs for a greater measure in the merits of man. Ingratitude is treachery and a traitor has no place in the forum of honorable men.

Taken from the book authored by, REMY A. PRESAS

“Modern Arnis, First Edition, 1974”

All rights reserved © AF38710, By: Remy A. Presas


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