A Lost connection

A Lost connection I made a profound connection today in regards to one of my chosen martial arts, that of Pekiti Tirsia Kali funny thing is when I went to write it down to share with you all it decided to go for a wander into the deep recesses of my mind. Seems I may […]




2020 As the title suggests this post is about 2020 and the year to come, the last 12 months have been one of the biggest we have had, the High’s and the Low’s have helped us refine our goals and vision of what we wish to achieve, both here at MAD Systems and in our […]

Family training

One of the greatest things I get to do is train with my Family, it is not everyday you can combine your love of martial arts with the love of your family.  we often find a local park to train at, usually down by the beach on the foreshore as the breeze coming off of […]

Elementor #149

Come and Join us… As we join other Martial Art Schools, Sporting clubs, Fitness & well-being groups from around Whyalla to showcase what we have to offer! We will be performing a small Demonstration of our Filipino Martial Art Pekiti Tirsia Kali and we hope to see you there! More Info…

New year, new path!

This year has been quite a ride already and it is only February! A lot has happened both good and bad, MAD Systems has moved to the mainland and we are beginning anew. We still have our students back in Tasmania who continue to train diligently and with purpose and we will be back in […]