Damien Crompton
Lead Instructor/Mentor

Beginning at the age of 5 Damien began his martial art journey through Karate, after gaining his Shod-an at the same time Damien was also learning Ninjitsu through Bunjinkan Taijustus gaining his first black belt rank of Shodan, he then moved onto WIng Chun Kung Fu gaining Purple Lotus level.  Due to events in his life his training was put on hold for a couple of years but was taken up again in the form of Boxing, training with South Australia's Lightweight champions "Fred's Boys" as they were known, he learned the fundamentals of that art and has taken them with him through the years that followed.  The natural progression from boxing was Muay Boran/Thai but due to life changes had to put his further education in this art on hold.  With his heritage and love of the dark ages Damien began learning WMA or HEMA know as Western Martial Arts or Historical European Martial Arts in the form of the Glima (Northern Germanic Wrestling) sidesword, longsword and spear this was through several different schools the most notable being Stocatta and Jomsborg Glima.  Through the practice of the sword Damien came to know of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) which has a rich history in Spanish (European) sword fighting and militaristic tactics combined with the native combative arts, through FMA Damien has found that all his prior learning in the arts of self defence have started to come together as a cohesive whole and as such has started to develop his own system of Martial Arts and Self Defence. 

As always with any system the journey is never over, Mastery is never truly achieved as we are always striving to understand the WHY!

Niki Crompton
Assistant Instructor/ Assistant Mentor

With a background in Taekwondo and many years experience in teaching children through artistic roller skating, Niki is our go to for our Children's classes with her quirky personality and love of teaching.