The Next Generation

As a parent and a Martial Artist I always worry about passing on my knowledge to the next generation.  It is every parents responsibility and also every teachers responsibility whether you are teaching Martial Arts, in public/private schools or in another profession.  To pass on the knowledge we have gained throughout our years on this planet.  The worry part comes from now knowing if the person receiving the information I have to share is even interested or wants to learn it, in regards to my own children that worry turns to concern that I am pushing my own direction for their Journey and in the end push them in the opposite direction.  I know I am not the only one with these concerns and I even now of some parents and Mentors/Teachers who have had this very thing happen to them.  In the end we must let each person walk their own path regardless of what we want for them.  Our students all learn for different reasons which makes each of their journey’s unique to each individual and as such we must teach each student differently to allow our knowledge to sink in and be processed by the student, this is one of the basis for why we do not grade by a time frame or by how much $$$ a student spends.

All of the worrying aside I have been helping out my Guro in his system METFMA-HFS with his youth class, which is the real reason I write this blog today 🙂  It is a great pleasure and privilege to work with Guro Edward Dockrill but even more so are the little humans we are able to engage with and pass on our knowledge to.  They are picking up their foundation at a very good rate, I see their eyes open wide in wonder at what they will be learning next, I see their excitement and joy when they finally get that move they have been struggling with for so long.  The bonds they make with the other students and us as Mentors are bonds for life, to be a part of their formative years in such a way is very humbling.

I could not ask for a better office or profession than that of passing along the knowledge I have worked so hard for over the years and seeing it being soaked up by the next generation.  Here a some of the students I have the privilege of Mentoring.

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