Training during the wetter months

Ah were to begin?… Well at this time of the year in the Southern hemisphere it is Winter, this means the further south you go the wetter, colder and harsher the elements become.  We live, teach and train in Tasmania, Australia, and as such our Winters can be a bit harsher than most (possibly on par with NZ).  Training and keeping motivation in the colder months can be a struggle as well as finding enough dry ground and sunshine if like us you train outdoors (we do not have a permanent location as yet) then we are very dependent on the weather.  So what to do?  For us we try and train indoors but even this becomes a problem if trying to work on your stick drills, one thing to remember that as we train with weapons they are transferable to palm sticks/dulo dulo/Kubotan and then to our hands.

So as the Winter weather is hitting it’s peak in our neck of the woods we are forced more and more inside for our training, to combat cabin fever and to get our muscle memory repetitions up (we are aiming for 10K reps) we have begun working on our flow drills and our hubud lubud drills.  This may be for as little as 20 min to several hours depending on our current motivational mood.  The biggest hurdle/concern for us is the motivation when kept inside all day for several days (Lots of rain here in Tasmania), as we have a Large family we also need to keep in mind the little trolls…. ahem children and their needs.  So we try and incorporate them into our training days, this is also in the form exercises like push ups and sit ups.  If this fails to inspire or keep them and us busy enough we look over training footage from previous training sessions as well as other Instructors/masters from around the world in which we live.  I have the pleasure of being able to chat with my Guro’s/Mentors/Instructors through the use of the internet so this also helps in the darker months of the year when daily training may not be so easily achieved.  Being able to talk to them about techniques, new drills both theirs and mine is a help and as always we are able to find new avenues for progressive training.

Having this network of Martial Artists to talk to, share my life with and have them share mine as well is a blessing never to be taken for granted.  The bonds we make throughout our years in all aspect of our life for good and ill define and shape who we are and will become, things happen for a reason even if we can not yet see the Why!  It are these thoughts that run through my mind of a Winters evening here at the bottom of the world, a time for self reflection and a time for the setting of goals for the coming warmer months.

So remember no matter the weather or situation, keep doing what you love and if the weather gets too bad to physically train, remember there are other forms of training that will still help your progression the Martial Arts, the mind is more powerful than we give it credit.

-De Crompton
Lead Instructor

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