Safety Matters !

The Foundation of MAD systems is FMA… what is FMA !?

The Filipino Martial Arts, or FMA, are a combination of techniques which, very much like Krav Maga, are based on simplicity and practicality for use in real-world situations. FMA is also known as Eskrima, Arnis and Kali, but all refer to the same deadly combat system which emphasizes fighting with weapons but also incorporates extremely effective hand-to-hand techniques.

While the foundation of our system is founded on the Filipino Martial Arts, MAD Systems is also comprised of Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai/ kickboxing, Kung Fu, Bunjinkan Taijutsu, WMA/HEMA and Combat GLIMA.  As with any true practitioner the journey for mastery is never ending and this is the same for our system, our instructors are always learning new systems and mastering systems they already have knowledge in.  By beginning with a strong foundation we are able to begin building a systems that will last a lifetime.

The main reason behind using FMA as the foundation of MAD systems is due to the fact that FMA is the first true MMA, it combines aspects of the Asiatic Martial Arts and European Swordsmanship which are systems our Lead Instructor has been practicing for some years.  By beginning with the FMA as our foundation and building off of that into our other styles we have found the cirriculum is better taken up by our students as it allows them a faster grasp of the necessary fundamentals of Martial Arts.


Here at MAD Systems we begin our students in the use, care, respect and control of weapons, we utilize weapons from Europe, Asia and into South East Asia and into the Phillippines.

FMA was developed over the centuries in the Philippines, which has a strong “blade culture,” and thus students of MAD Systems should become physically and psychologically prepared to face opponents with weapons  Because FMA is all about real, street-wise self-defense, its weapons are basic—mainly sticks and knives. Through training a student will recognize the there is potential to turn common household items into self defence tools.  FMA is not the only Martial Art that is a live blade culture, that of Western Martial Arts was also of a bladed culture for many centuries and still is in some parts of Europe today.

“Empty Hand”

While we begin our students in the art and practice of weaponry, all the skills, control and respect for the weapon transfer as we progress towards the empty hand.  Everything that is done with a weapon is done the exact same way as with the hands.

If it’s that brutal, is it safe?

Absolutely!  All moves are demonstrated and rehearsed in very controlled slow motion. Sparring is not encouraged, unless individuals are confident enough to do so and are approved by the Instructor. Even then, sparring is done in a controlled manner. Protective gear is also required, and firm guidelines are provided.

Role-playing is used to act out common dangers and situations, with the emphasis always being on how to escape them—or how to avoid them in the first place, which is always the preferred method of self-defence!

By the time a student has gained their Black Belt they  should have practiced all of the required techniques we use in MAD Systems at least 10,000 times, this not only creates the muscle memory for reaction without thought but it also allows the student to understand the WHY!? of the technique, to break it down to its core and then rebuild it back up piece by piece until it is whole again.  By doing this the student understands the meaning of the technique and is able to execute it with the highest safety standards.